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Since launching in August 2022 we would like to give you a recap on everything Au and what we have been up to in America. Giving you insight into our products available online, collaborations and more. But firstly, as it is the Super Bow LVII this weekend, whether you are a neutral supporter, Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs fan make sure you celebrate it in style with a bottle of one of our signature Au Vodka flavours. With a range of products available on the site, we got your Super Bowl essentials covered.

Latest Products
  • Au Vodka Blue Raspberry
  • Au Vodka Money Gun
  • Au Vodka Bottle Bag
  • Au 3D Gold Keyring
  • Au Vodka Rocks

Currently, in our online store, we have two of our signature vodka flavours. With the introduction to Au Vodka Black Grape, which quickly flew off the shelf and sold out within a week of launching. Becoming a fan-favourite in the states. Our latest product drop was Au Vodka Blue Raspberry, which is our most popular flavoured vodka in the UK. Both flavours bring their own unique taste while remaining consistently sweet and smooth. Following this our online store is also home to exclusive merchandise and glassware. From our iconic Au Vodka Diamond Cut Glass to our Au Vodka Money Gun with branded Au dollars. Our merchandise and glasses are exclusive to the online store that can’t be bought anywhere else.

  • Lil Tjay
  • Chinese Kitty
  • MoneyBag Yo
  • DDG

In 2022 we at Au Vodka had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most influential artists in America’s rap scene, that have been making waves in the music industry. This included the likes of Moneybagg Yo with the recent release of his first number-one project that debuted with 110,00 units on the Billboard 200 taking the top spot. Our second collaboration came towards the end of the year that featured Lil Tjay, another U.S. rapper who has also reached the top 10 on the Billboard 200. Bringing their own style and personality on set while matching our brand image. Other notable collaborations we did in 2022 were Chinese Kitty, DDG and Rowdy Rebel.

U.S. expansion & 2023

After launching into the U.S. we currently ship to 37 states including California, New York and Florida. With the goal to be available in all 50 states in America so no matter where you are you enjoy the exceptional taste of Au. Heading into 2023 we will be dropping new-exciting flavours, merchandise and more that will disrupt the alcohol market once again. Touching on this you can expect to see more collaborations with America’s most prominent public figures that are currently changing the industry. This will include music artists and influencers who are currently in the form of their life. So stay tuned to keep up-to-date on every Au by following us on Instagram and subscribing to our mailing list.